The Many Adventures of Captain & Annabelle

Captain & Annabelle

Captain & Annabelle

If you have ever been to an event at The Curran Homestead, you have probably seen Captain & Annabelle there.  Captain and Annabelle were both generously donated by Bill and Gloria Miller to the Curran Homestead. They were both auctioned off at a 4-H auction, and were headed to be someone’s dinner.  The Miller’s did not want to see that happen, so they bought them and gave them to us.  Since there is no one living at the Curran Farm, I offered to take ownership of them, and I happily bring them back for all the events.  We refer to them as the Curran Lambs in our advertising.

All my life I have rescued many animals, and I’ve taken in more stray cats than I’d care to count.  The treasurer at Curran Homestead, Irv Marsters, has known me most of my life, and even he asked me if I was sure about this latest adventure.  I have had horses and goats growing up, and I was lucky enough to have a place to keep them, and thankfully my husband has grown used to my love of helping animals so we agreed and took them in.  I’ve never regretted it once.  I always say while we may save the animal we rescue, they also save us in ways we didn’t know we needed – and this is true with Captain and Annabelle as well.

When people first see them, they are always surprised at how big these sheep are.  They are not the cute little lambs you normally think of.  They are a different breed, one that is very large, but still cute just the same.  It always amazes me when people ask me what I do with them.  I don’t “do” anything with them, they are our pets.  They truly are like two over sized dogs that will follow you around the yard.  They want to be pet, they want to be loved, and they have a curiosity about everything that would rival any toddler.  For example, I bet you’ve never tried to clean out your garage with two sheep following you around!

Yesterday we were doing fall clean up work around the yard, and we normally let them out of their outside pen when we are out in the yard – and if we don’t they will blat to let you know that you haven’t done it yet.  They followed us all over the yard, Captain will run and hop with my daughter as she skips around, and Annabelle was hysterical when she found the delicious plum tree!  They really do have big personalities that shine through.  Captain likes to play, and Annabelle loves to be pet and will come and put her head in your lap for love.  They are both crazy over apples.  Annabelle keeps a close eye on Captain, and if he does get out of her site she will holler until he comes back – much like a wife making sure her husband isn’t getting in trouble.

This summer we spent many an evening after dinner outside letting the sheep roam free.  They would eat the clover and follow us around, and run and play.  Yes sheep really do run and play!  Included in this time however was also us and our daughter talking about the day, or playing lawn games.  It created a nightly ritual of quiet time, outside with our sheep, talking and laughing.  If we were running late with dinner, the sheep would blat at their gate until we came out for play time.  They looked forward to it as much as we did.

They are very peaceful, gentle creatures who just want love and attention.  Spending time with them is enjoyable, always entertaining, and peaceful.  I am forever grateful to the Miller’s, and the Curran Homestead for allowing me to have this daily adventure.  We had never planned to have sheep, but I can’t even imagine not having them now.  So the next time you come to an event at the Curran Homestead, be sure and go in the barn and visit with Captain and Annabelle – they love the attention, and you will get to see how wonderful these animals truly are.

Marian Jerome

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Marian spent her time growing up in the Brewer area, on a family farm that has been in her family for 120 years, where she still resides with her own family today. She attended Husson College, now called Husson University after high school. She is currently married and they have one lovely daughter.