Apple Season

Like many people this weekend, I went to one of the local apple orchards to get, and enjoy, some of the yummy fruits of the season.  Fall is my most favorite season, and one of the parts of this season I love is all the baking that I do now that the heat of the summer has settled down.  Every year when we get apples I always make all the traditional favorites – homemade applesauce, apple crisp, pies, etc.

This morning however, I was looking through my cookbooks for something new to make this morning.  I have a very old cookbook that belonged to my grandfather from 1931.  I stumbled upon a different way to make applesauce, and I thought I would share it:

Cider Apple Sauce

Boil cider to 1/2 it’s original quantity.  Pare and quarter apples.  Cover with cider.  Simmer until tender and cider is nearly absorbed.  Sweeten to taste while hot with brown sugar.  Cold apple sauce may be served dusted liberally with powdered sugar.

**The amounts of Cider, Apples, and Sugar you use is up to you, depending on taste preference.  I personally add about a cup of water to a full kettle of sliced apples when I make applesauce – so that is what I am going to make mine with. **


Marian Jerome

About Marian Jerome

Marian spent her time growing up in the Brewer area, on a family farm that has been in her family for 120 years, where she still resides with her own family today. She attended Husson College, now called Husson University after high school. She is currently married and they have one lovely daughter.