Monthly Archives: August 2016

Farm Families

One of my favorite stories to hear about has to do with family life on the farm years ago.  I have heard several tales about farms in my own family’s past, as well as many from other family’s pasts.   They all share the common thread of the importance of family. We’ve all seen the […]

The Barn

The Barn I suspect the barns were the real hearts of yesterday’s Maine farms.  They not only provided housing for the livestock, they were the storage and maintenance center for all of the myriad tools and machinery it took to run the operation. When the Curran Homestead was established in 1991, what was once a […]

The Real Harvest of Harvest Time

This morning I was snapping fresh green beans from the garden to go with our supper tonight.  Whenever I do this it always reminds me of time with my Grandfather, and my Aunt when I was growing up.  My Aunt grew up on a hard working farm, and my Grandfather did farm work as a […]